Dean Dull Endowment

Why need an endowment?

Being an 80-year old car, the Ramblin’ Reck requires frequent maintenance and part replacement which costs upward of $10,000 annually.  However, the Institute itself does not provide any funds for the Reck, the Driver, or the Ramblin’ Reck Club; therefore, the preservation and presentation of this unique icon is almost entirely supported through fees from non-official appearances.  As a result, the Reck is frequently transported around Georgia for weddings, parties, and various other functions in an effort to raise the necessary funds. An endowment will allow the Reck to draw from a solid foundation for annual maintenance. In addition to necessary maintenance, the endowment will cover unforeseen costs that are difficult to budget or mitigate with savings.  As the official mascot of Georgia Tech, it is assumed the Ramblin’ Reck will represent the Institute at high profile events such as the 2004 Final Four in San Antonio, Texas or the 2010 Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.  Only through the giving of our dedicated alumni and friends can the club cover the added cost to transport the Reck to and from these events while ensuring the car’s protection on the road.  The Class of 1984 has generously donated a truck the Driver can use to transport the Reck in the future.  This donation is a tremendous help in relieving the additional financial burdens of displaying our unique icon.  The endowment will ensure the presence of the Reck when celebrating future achievements of the Institute with alumni and fans.

How the endowment works

The Georgia Tech Foundation will maintain the Dean Dull Ramblin’ Reck Endowment.  The Ramblin’ Reck Club and the Driver will draw funds from the returns on the overall investment for the maintenance, preservation, and promotion of the Ramblin’ Reck as an icon of the Georgia Institute of Technology.  In order to ensure future generations have the opportunity to know and love the Ramblin’ Reck as all Georgia Tech alumni and fans do, the endowment must grow to a level that matches the significance of this beloved icon.

Donation Information

Those interested in donating can send a check to the following address:

Ramblin’ Reck Club
Georgia Tech
350 Ferst Drive, Room 2211
Atlanta, GA 30332-0283

Please make checks out to the Georgia Tech Foundation mentioning the Dean Dull Endowment in the subject line.

Background Materials

A .pdf copy of the promotional information created to publicize the endowment as well as provide donation information can be found below.

Dean Dull Endowment Brochure

More information about the GT  foundation can be found at their website,

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