Club Information

Be a part of preserving Tech traditions and promoting school spirit!

The Ramblin’ Reck Club has been serving Georgia Tech since 1930 when it was founded under its former name, The Yellow Jacket Club, to maintain school spirit and tradition. In 1967, however, a special honor was bestowed upon Ramblin’ Reck Club: the privilege of being the sole caretakers for the one and only Ramblin’ Reck, our school’s beloved 1930 Ford Model A Sports Coupe mascot. We take pride both in maintaining the physical integrity of the beautiful car through regular maintenance and washings, as well as making the Reck as tangible to campus as possible. We strive to have the Reck out on campus as often as possible, whether it is to support student organizations, to ‘aaogah’ at students on the way to class, to take pictures, to cheer on Georgia Tech athletics, or even to take students back home after a late night of studying.

In addition to our responsibilities involving the Reck, Ramblin’ Reck Club also strives to promote, facilitate, and preserve the traditions that our illustrious Institute is built upon. In fact, Ramblin’ Reck Club is responsible for overseeing several Georgia Tech traditions. T-Book, a publication originally intended for RATS entering Tech, is still written and published annually by Ramblin’ Reck Club for distribution at Freshman Convocation. T-Night is hosted annually before the first football game in order to educate first-years, transfer students, and anyone wanting to learn more about Tech traditions, as well as get everyone excited for the new athletics season. Ramblin’ Reck Club upholds and executes three of Georgia Tech’s favorite Homecoming traditions: Mini 500, Freshman Cake Race, and Wreck Parade. (You can find more information on these events at our Traditions website.) We take interest in helping promote and preserve any other traditions we can, even through presentations and trivia. We are constantly seeking to provide students the education and opportunities to connect with Georgia Tech’s rich history.

In order to promote campus-wide spirit, we also serve the campus through working relationships with the Georgia Tech Athletic Association, Alumni Association, and student body at-large. Ramblin’ Reck Club is comprised of various committees and are intended to help serve campus in different ways, from supporting non-revenue sports to partnering with other campus organizations. If there is a way to boost spirit and morale around campus, Ramblin’ Reck Club is ready and willing to help! We have been involved in executing events like “Smile, the Reck Loves You”, an afternoon to take pictures with the Reck and write encouraging notes to fellow classmates, and Headshots with the Reck, a semesterly event that allows students to take a professional headshot next to the Reck for use on professional media outlets. The Club is always seeking members who actively participate in Ramblin’ Reck Club’s agenda and bring new ideas and passion to the table.

With as much work as we do together, we feel it is important to have fun in good company while doing it! While Ramblin’ Reck Club is a student organization, we often refer to ourselves as a family. With only 50 members, it doesn’t take long to get to know everyone while going to sporting events, planning our own events, playing intramurals together, and participating in ‘socials’ that our Members-at-Large plan. Some of these socials have included semi-formals, cabin weekends, road trips to away games, laser tag, and many other spontaneous events. While they are not mandatory events, many Reck Clubbers engage in these socials as a way of bonding and having fun with people who love this Institute just as much as they do.

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