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Since its founding in 1930, the Ramblin’ Reck Club has been an organization of students, committed to the education and promotion of Tech spirit, history and tradition. Members of the Club, who are from all areas of the Tech student community, work together in fulfilling the dreams of such Tech legends as Coaches Alexander and Dodd and Deans Griffin and Dull, that students can infect others in the student body with regard and enthusiasm for all the facets of Tech. In order to achieve these goals, the Reck Club annually publishes the T-book and presents T-Night, as well as plays host to several events on campus aimed at increasing the general knowledge of Georgia Tech history and traditions. To continue these efforts, this website has been created to showcase the history of the Ramblin' Reck, the 1930 Model A sport coupe cared for by the club.

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The Quest for the Reck

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In memory of Dean Floyd Field's Model T, Dean of Students Jim Dull searched for a suitable pre-WWII car to become the official mascot of Georgia Tech.

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The Reck's Debut

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The Reck was formally introduced as Georgia Tech's mascot when it led the football team out on to Grant Field for the 1961 homecoming game versus Rice University.

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The Reck Today

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How is the Reck used today? Learn how present-day Reck Club members showcase the Reck to the student body.

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Funding the Reck

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